Let Me Eat Pi

I have a great business idea for you. Are you ready? This could be your big opportunity at fame and fortune. Here it goes:

Pi Truck.

It’s a food truck, see, that only serves pie.

Only there’s a twist: instead of Pie Truck like the food, it’s Pi Truck like the number.

You know, 3.141592…?

No? Don’t fear the math. The pie is what’s important here.

Except the math does tie into the product in one crucial way: Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle, and what else is a circle?

A pie!

Wait, the doubters say. Pie can only go so far. Pie is dessert. What if you want a meal?

Pie can be a main course too. In addition to apple pie, pumpkin pie, Key lime pie and blueberry pie, the truck would serve shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, quail pie and duck pie.

What about sweet potato pie? You can eat that for dessert or dinner. Or breakfast for that matter.

The Pi Truck would not serve four and twenty blackbirds in a pie. Eating songbirds would be offensive, and would take this gimmick too far.

Wait, the doubters say. (They still have doubts.) Pie is hard to eat on the go. You need a plate and a fork and a napkin. How does pie work in a food truck?

OK, for those customers who only have one free hand, you’d stock those delicious chocolate-covered Key Lime Pie on a Stick things that I had last time I was in Key West.

And you could wrap the apple pie in a tight foil casing that you could peel back on the go, like a banana.

The truck would advertise specials at 3:14 pm (and 3:14 am, for areas where an all-night pie truck would work). Those are sluggish times for eateries anyway, and besides working with the 3.14 theme, this would help generate business.

Wait, the doubters say. (Always, they are doubting).

If the Pi Truck is such a great idea, why aren’t you running it already?

Because I am a terrible baker, but a great eater, especially of pies. I am your target market. Bring me the Pi Truck.

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